Blockchain stopped syncingg

I had Chia closed for the day and when I went to open it, it won’t sync the updated blockchain. I just downloaded the blockchain 2 days ago so do not want to have to redownload the whole chain again
Here are my connections: Screenshot by Lightshot

This is my log Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. You are really low on peers. There should be close to 100 if everything is connected properly.
  2. All of the peers you do have are not talking properly. Notice that all of the MiB up numbers are zero. Something is wrong with your connection.

not sure what could cause it, port forwarded, even turned off my firewall and still getting this error.

Restart the machine fresh and try again. Also, after the reboot, check on your system resources to make sure nothing is being overloaded.

also check the clock on your pc…

And this is why it’s great to have options that don’t require sync!

That being said sounds like it’s not working well with the one you downloaded.

what do you mean by that?