Blog Post - AMD 5700G Benchmarked

I found a nice little machine at my local Office Depot recently and got it to do some benchmarks with it. Came with the AMD 5700G (8c/16t) that I didn’t know has already released. Swapping the NVMe and adding RAM really made this unit shine for the surprising $550 (+tax) price tag it had.


Decent deal for ~2.4 TB/day, and has integrated graphics (easily $70 saved right there not having to buy a GT710 or whatever like you would have to do with a 5800x). Not bad. PLUS you can easily flip this once done unlike those chunky Dell and HP servers that use DDR3 and have NUMA CPU configuration woes.

So it’s power efficient (not more than the 5950x but whatever), has NVME, has the ability to run another NVME via a PCI-E card.

But I will say a 2 x 2TB is overkill here. 3 x 1TB would be the sweet spot. Could even get away with 2 x 1TB probably


Wow 180w PSU? That’s … really, really low.

And you’d immediately need dual-channel RAM since AMD systems are highly sensitive to RAM speed. Single channel would kill you.

I do wish the 5950x had integrated graphics. It’s my one regret with that CPU!

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