BPX V3 - Ethereum using Chia PoST consensus


We are building a new blockchain which uses the Chia Proof of Space and Time consensus but everything else is fully compatible with Ethereum.

BPX supports standard K-32 plots and can be farmed with Chia at the same time

Developers can build smart contracts and dApps in Solidity language and all existing solutions can be migrated to the BPX network without any changes in source code.

BPX provides a standard Web3 RPC API, so it works out of the box with all popular wallets (e.g. Metamask, Trust Wallet) and development tools (e.g. Remix IDE, Web3.js).

Our implementation is now complete and we launched a public testnet yesterday. If you want to participate in tests, join our Discord.

We will be grateful for any feedback.

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Why will you not use Chialisp?

i smell a scammerton.a theoretical scam at this point.

Scam? Here is a complete implementation of our testnet full node:
Testnet is working perfectly fine so far. There is an installation guide on our Discord.

Chia has a wonderful consensus algorithm. Farming on hard drives instead of PoW/PoS is really cool and we are fascinated by it. But the rest of the blockchain is not so good anymore. Choosing Lisp as the contracts language is a road to nowhere. Things like payable functions will never be possible. That is why our project was created.

And so enters mmx. ( 20 chrs )

^never be possible… this guy.
sorry in advance
if all this sounds harsh. don’t mean to discourage someones dreamers. but it cant be tolerated it. :anger:
uv only hurt the coin and the people who farm it.

u cheated on ur homework and changed some answers so it wasnt an exact copy as u might get caught, in doing that. . you un legitimized the wholee consensus. thats why its more compatible.


first tho why would i want even 1 more process running on my pc… why would i give u any of my electricity. any of my space. when chia works just fine solo all by it self. all to make some theoretical coin backed by nothings price go up.


why ur coin works with those tools because its a made up currency…
the fact chia ISNT supported by most platforms still. is a tell that most of the entire industry around crypto in general is still just garbage. 0 standards. 0 regulation. 0 actual value. open market.popuilarity=value, thats it.


sure development is slow with chia and lisp… when your on the bleeding edge. doing what no one els is doing or has done. while also upholding strict standards for itself. unlike yourself.


there is nothing and will be nothing like chia coin. its slowly creating its own industry. its own market. its own aps. its own protocols. its own value(even tho its quite valuable, being its backed by hudreds of millions). and when the time comes they have to kill bitcoin… when the blockchain ends. every other coin will fall… chia will then be noticed. by the elites and people who govern us and will become the standard currency in America first. at wich point the price will goto the moon… making it that much more exponentially valuable than it already is… and we will all be using mojos for everything… and it will be regulated. and still be decentralized.

chia isnt about getting rich for any of us in this lifetime.… chia is so my great great grand kids will be wealthy when they grow up… if your selling ANY coin or trading any coin for cash right now ur just an absolute idiot. like the people trading in the early days of bitcoin. trading 20 bitcoin for a fkn pizza. ul never be wealthy this way… or giving this project even a moment of my time. would only be hurting myself


another good reason why chia doesn’t even want to be everywhere like that. its not trying to use shiesty made up exchanges that’s really just some guy in a house somewhere with a laptop.


when all the coins fall after bitcoin does eventually die ether on its own or by government. only chia will stand. doesnt everyone see that?
no, they dont.

you took chia a step backwards. and made it vastly less secure is what you did


shit i can make a coin even… and sure u can make a coin get popular and get rich from it in certain ways… im not debating that.


back to
why would i give you any of my systems resources. i gues is my biggest thing. for something thats backed by hopes and dreams. just a guy looking to get rich faster.


you cant expect me to believe that even yourself dedicated any of your systems resources to this project over pure chia.


what you have created is just another big distraction.getm. something to keep the people that are bored at home doing nothing to meddle with and try to setup. getm. the less people focus soley on chia. the less they will earn… u want poeoples to give time, system resources and opening themself up to major insecurities
even at its simplest ur for sure adding vulnerabilities
like why would i run a plex server inside of the same machine im farming my chia.
fkn nuts if u ask me
you created your own solution to that there was no problem
ur codebase so ugly my daughter could of wrote it.
lisps hard and worth it. ur coins easy like like a redhead.

again sorry… maybe some others feel differenty.
like the bots you create to converse with to make this look like its a popular project

gotm :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: