Bram Cohen - It will become unprofitable to purchase disks just for farming

Thoughts ?

Kinda hard to say. Solo farming, yes, I think this is the case. Pool farming, no.

Hmmm… Does he know something about the target price for a chia that we don’t? His statement doesn’t make sense to me unless you know the value of the reward.

Nevertheless, I am pretty much moving into a maintenance mode for my farm. The last 64TB of disks arrived yesterday and wen those are full, I will hook them all up to old mac and let them farm until they drop.

It is an odd statement at the very least, especially with Chia being so fresh of the starting line.

It just all depends, price vs netspace vs cost of hdd

And as mentioned above, pools will also have an impact

I think Bram’s goal with this statement is to make sure you think through your investments and understand crypto is highly volatile. Read @codinghorror’s post from the other day: Funny commentary on what happens with most "crypto" projects and FOMO

If you look at his other recent tweets, he wants everyone involved with Chia to do so fully educated and with eyes open! I think this tweet is consistent with many of his previous statements!

They as a Chia Inc. think they have an idea how to act as a stabilizer of crypto-coin price so it’s unsurprising.

Like the one from the other day that a full disk shelf that would run server room of a typical non-tech company makes you a “small farmer”? Or the other comment here about overprovisioned cloud space. It’s not like it’s just waiting for being farmed! It’s overprovisioned for a reason.

Where does he expect people’s disks are coming from, everyone’s basement? Also, they have a resale value. I think one would profit handsomely buying used at current prices. Trade volumes are small but tens of coins change hands, that’s enough. With new parts it’s more of a break even, but they can be sold. These are of course early days. From this we can infer he wants about this or lower XCH price long term or expect disk price hike.

But probably he’s just out of touch like with the other comment. Recall how his role was mostly in math papers authored, general design and goals and he had little interest in code. Perhaps his interest in market mechanics is similarly limited. (Saying this as a math person with similar attitude).

Notice his answer here is just math that will magically fix things for him by adjusting difficulty.