Bram Cohen to be interviewed by Jay Gould

Bram is being interviewed by Jay Gould in a few hours and it will be interesting to see what kind of response that can bring to Chia. Jay is in circles with some pretty big players in this space, mostly Bitcoin maxis, but considering Bram’s background I think the interview will go well. Hopefully it can get through to some people that more efforts need to be made to make crypto PoW efforts more sustainable.

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Do we know what time?

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No clue and not even sure it will go up today, but very interested in seeing how the conversation goes!

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Who’s Jay? Another wannabe influencer? :smiley: … he only got 9 months of videos… so just a newbie.

Not exactly. He did just recently start his podcast, but he has been around to start several companies and invest in a lot of startups…

Awesome! Thx for the heads up. Will watch! Like every video of bram :slight_smile:

Any sense of how this was received?

Couldn’t find the Interview. Can you provide a Link @ChiaBeast ?

No interview posted yet AFAIK.

Ok explains. I was checking yesterday and today. Let’s wait …

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Would love to get a link when it’s available! Posting a reply to subscribe :slight_smile:

This was just posted. It’s about 2 hours long

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It’s also up on YouTube

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yep! great interview!

Thanks for sharing, I’ll listen to it