Bug: GUI creates plots with wrong farmer key

After installing 1.2.0 (on Win 10) I created and synced a new wallet. Then I connected to a pool (the mojo was paid from the new wallet, of course). Then I created a plot for that pool.
But looking in the log file I saw that the new plot is made with the old farmer key, from my old, currently not synced wallet!

I think plots have to be created by default with the current, linked to the pool wallet. The other is confusing.

Also I saw that farming rewards are set to go to the old (not synced) wallet, instead to the new. This is wrong too.

Some questions arise:

  1. How to prevent this in the future? I don’t want the new ‘pool’ plots to have anything to do with my old wallet (but I don’t want to delete the old wallet, nor to sync it constantly).

  2. How this pool stuff will work at all with plots with different farmer keys, from non synced wallets?