Building a Chia Dashboard in Linux - A Walkthrough

I got started with Chia back in early April 2021. While I was familiar with Linux, I wasn’t a daily user and didn’t know Bash that well. Over the months since then, I have slowly put together a series of Bash scripts that are basically the backend for a PHP dashboard application for Chia. I thought it might be interesting to walk through it. I posted a write up for it here

It is really long and was pieced together a little at a time over the year but I do use it every day.


Thanks for doing and sharing this :+1:
I’m here to learn, with an appetite for linux and crypto, so this is right up my alley :grinning:


Ohhh Wow! I was going to ask about this when you mentioned it in another thread! Wow this looks nice!

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That is kind of what gave me the idea to write it up. It just took a while to complete. :sunglasses: