Bulk Plotting as a Service ($0.25 per plot)

We have multiple servers that could plot for as soon as 5 minutes per plot (bladebit). We currently can plot 20,000 plots per day. Our servers have multiple 10Gbit connections and can easily saturate s3/wasabi upload.

We are currently taking orders for minimum of 10,000 plots.

Payment terms:
We will do the payment by 500 increments.
We will require upfront for 500 plots and we will plot you 500 plots. We will need payment after that until we reach 10,000 plots. This is to reduce the risk on both sides.

We also accept a reputable middleman if you want to get the plots as soon as possible.

Send us a private message if you are interested.

I am still offering this service


How do you deliver the plots? Please don’t say through Google Drive. I’d had way too many issues with Google Drive downloads.

Hey, not sure how to DM on this forum. I don’t see an option when clicking your profile.

Interested in buying a few thousand plots. Add me? PuppyLover101#2115

Currently, I can upload it to s3/wasabi etc. or directly to your servers.

This offer is still available

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I am still offering this service.

This service is still available. I have already plotted more than 2PB for my customers!

This service is still available. I am decreasing the minimum plots to 1000!

I am offering bulk plotting for $0.1 per plot minimum of 100,000 plots. Same payment terms of per 500 plots or depending on the discussion. You can DM me on telegram @waterserver

I just found a way to destroy my entire farm:

As I prepare to start re-plotting my drives I thought of your thread!

Your prices appear excellent but it does not appear the you are getting many takers.

At this point I would consider your service but I am done spending money on my now formatted Chia farm and your minimum quantities are above my needs anywaze.

Perhaps some advertising and goodwill would help. :smiley:

Any interest in saving me a couple months by gifting me 720 K32 NFTs? :rofl:

In return, I would be more than happy to describe the process of how quickly and well your wonderful service saved me from my disaster and months of plotting! :sunglasses:

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I could give you something like 20 plots for free for review but not 720.

Thanks. I’ll re-plot them myself.

Was thinking about how I would get plots. If I set up an FTP and allocated 5Mbps to the server you could get a plot to me every 15 days, lolol!

Be well!

Hi I’m interested in buying plots but I don’t have telegram. Is there any other way to contact you? Thanks.

You can send me a DM or DM me to get my discord

scam alert!
stay away.
plot generators never ask tons of money before job.

This is a 2 year old thread…

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Can I get in on this :rofl: plot making gig? My trusty TR could make almost $9 per hour nowadays doing CUDA plots. That’s over $200 per day! Wow, hundreds times more than I could ever make just being a poor Chia farmer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: