Buy Chia Plots - plotting online, api scripts - status, auto download/delete

Hi everyone!
I wanted to introduce our plot creating service with you
We have multiple options. Feel free to send a message and we can get back to you with the best offer.

Key features:

  • average time is ~8 hours
  • API
  • scripts snippets to auto-download and free up plot agents

We are open to any feedback…

Looks really good! Congrats.

Thank you @ChiaWire !

Just spot some issues. the signup form does not appear after refresh. And I couldn’t register :disappointed:

oh wow…will fix that, thank you.

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Just a honest question… are you able to sell plots at that price ? we have difficulties selling at 2€/plot with free plot and full automation…
I feel confused when I see sites selling at 3x our plot prices…
I usually think it’s scam (often are adwords advertised sites ) but now since I saw your post I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you directly, maybe you have bulk discounts that lower that price a lot and have a lot of customers that buy discounted ?

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Yes, you are right, the price is higher on the main page…usually, all requests are coming through the email. I wouldn’t say we have a lot of orders either but since we mostly plotting for ourselves that’s completely okay.
This is more of a fun project tbh, but I agree the price is high…and we give lower prices upon the request. I love your design, good job guys :slight_smile: looks really nice!

:slight_smile: thank you, it has been a fun project for us too :slight_smile: the tech requirement for plotting chia as a service has been challenging and fun… I like your designs too btw :slight_smile:

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