[BUY] Looking for a pro plotter and tools guy

Hi im writing this now already but i got this machine arriving around the 29th of this month

EVGA with 80 plus bronze certificate 850w full modular psu + adapters for sata - 12 satas .
128gb ram Kingston HyperX 3200Mhz Black edition
motherboard with good cooling for m2 X570 Steel Legend
Ryzen 5900x Cooler master water cooling Ml 240
Thermaltake h200 case
1tb ssd for OS
2x 1tb ssd m2 nmve fastest on the market
2x 3,84tb ssd enterprise Samsung plotting

mini pc with
120tb external drives (on a separate machine

I need someone that via teamviewer or any other share desktop (so i can learn how to)
can install AND teach me the windows/linux tools for found on chialinks.com/tools section

im willing to pay to get the best plotter setup and farming tools installed. and to teach me how to run it.

maybe enter your bid?


You have excessive RAM with a 12 core CPU. 64G can work.
I can share in text how to setup so to achieve 8h/plot with 12-14 concurrent plots. So maybe 3T/day.
The setup requires some basic linux command line knowledge which you may self-taught in 8h or so. No windows and no graphical interface.

Or you can just use our plotting service. Our capacity is 15T/day, which may complete your farm in 1/5 of the time. The sooner you farm, the more you earn.

thanks for your reply we want to upgrade later so 64gb ram more is not a big price issue.

true that using services will get us there sooner but we want our own plotting machine too

im more interested in learning myself aswell

thanks for the info
and yes please share if you are willing

one core per job is what most of us do. 8h per job is what Ryzen can do in parallel. 4G ram each job. So 12 cores is 3T/day if you want 5T. Just have another 12 core 3T/day machine. Split 128G to make 64G ram each machine.

Just a gentle reminder, the network is doubling each week. Say you are 5T/day now. Assuming your farm size is capped, say 200TB. Then if you complete filling your farming drive with 10T/day, a simple calculus will tell you that you are facing a 4x the expected reward with 5T/day speed.

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Thanks man,

what you mean 4x expected reward with 5tb a day

also we are getting off topic
im looking for someone to install tools and setup a automated plotting and dashboard etc

If it is not profitable why would you set it up? Suppose if you start to plot 5TB/day you can get 1 coin in a month. For 2x the speed (10TB/day), you get 4 coins with the same amount of total capacity. Assuming the network is growing 100% per week (just like now).

The above is the most valuable and proven working setup. Shared here for free.

  1. man it cannot keep growing like that it will plateau at some point due to scarcity

  2. instead of helping your in my mind only promoting your plotting service ( you did point out i had too much ram). so basically what your saying is every one buying a 5k plotting machine will lose?

  3. as mentioned i am looking for someone to teach me the ropes.

i myself think once the real pools come out a 50/100 ploys a day own system would be worth it

probably this week we will buy another 480tb to fill up
im assuming when pools come out a total of 600tb would do ok

I’ve got almost the same spec. Plotting 5T per day.

I’m sorry I’m not into the setting up machines for others. The problem is that it’s not a one time setup and then leave it running kinda thing. It takes time to dial in the system, trial and error and possibly require troubleshooting at various stages. So I hope you can find someone for that.

But I do have some questions/recommendations/comments about your system specs, just in case you can still return some parts :sweat_smile:

  • As mentioned, that’s way more ram than you need. You said it’s not a big price concern. I don’t know where you live but most parts of the world 64GB ram is one of the more expensive components in a system, around 300$ for a budget 64GB set at the moment

Why are you getting so many SSD’s ? You need about 4 GB of temp space to plot with that CPU, maybe 5 if you want to take it easy on the drives. You have almost 10GB?

Fastest in what way? If you mean the speed listed on the spec sheet (max writing speed), not interesting for plotting. Check out a review for that drive and look at the sustained write speed. If you are going to use it as second temp space I guess the speed is less important.
The samsung enterprise SSD should do great though.

All-in all you could save a ton of money and spend that toward more storage space, which will be more important in the long run.
It’s just that for the amount of storage space you have now, the machine is kinda overkill. So unless you are already planning on adding much more storage, you might want to step it down a bit.

I’m not your guy to teach you, but a few thoughts anyway.

  1. Agree it’s not a make a setup and leave kind of task. It’s a rather boring, long, drawn out task of tuning your system to produce plots as quick as possible, or at least as efficiently as possible. And each system is unique in its ability. Why? Because we’re dealing with multiple humongous file sizes at a time (100s of gigabytes), and any system is slow (as in hours per) in its own unique way to deal with these short of a supercomputer. So you need to pay attention over long spans of time, and tune to suit.

  2. Your asking someone to, and I’ll use an analogy to food prep, “Come over and prepare whatever you have in the fridge and it better be good!” It’s backward thinking. You need to ask what IS a good meal, then buy those ingredients, and the chef comes to prepare the recommended meal. IOW, Some of your component choices are a bit questionable in the combo you’ve already ordered. Or could have been chosen better for the task at hand.

  3. My opinion only, but doing the thing is more than half the fun. Winning is a crap shoot, producing plots and farming is an accomplishment. You can learn a lot by reading, trying, and correcting your own mistakes, and repeat and improve over time with advice from your compatriots. That will give you more in depth knowledge than having someone set it up for you. Alternatively, good luck finding that knowledgeable and patient teacher!