Buying Plots. 3000 PLOTS DAILY

I want plots, k32. Price per plot 0,06 usd. I know its cheap but I would buy 3000 plots daily basis. Offer only for people with enough servers/plotting speed to satisfy at least 1000 plots per day.



I’m sure you didn’t mean it this way but “demand” is a strong word :wink:
Better try “want”.

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Yes I want. hahahah.

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you are asking for lower price than the production cost of a plot.
Additionally, you are asking for a steady, continuous transfer rate of 3.6GB/s.
Given the non-steady nature of plotting, a transfer rate of 10-20 gb/s would probably be
required to your disks.
Is your system capable of handling that?

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Yes it can handle. I´m plotting at hetzner dedicated servers at almost this price per plot (0,062).

Don’t intend to be rude, but why not just expand to more servers yourself if you’re already meeting your price goal?


Try Akash How to Create NFT Plots on Akash with Chia Network | Akash Network

Because I prefer buying plots at a fixed price and the quantity that I need. I don´t have enough time to manage so much servers. I actually have 80 servers and its a mess.

I can offer about 205 Plots a day. 25 Gbit/s Fiber Connection. I should be able to transfer 2 plots are the same time at around 6-8 Gbit/s, depending on your location. Or more plots at lower speed. Plotter is only connected via 2x10Gbit/s to the Internet.

I have Raid 0 on Datacenter SSDs Storage for 70 Plots. I would need to write a script to automate plotting and transfer from my plotter to your machine(s). For that I would take 200 Euro extra. If you want automatic distribution to the right HDDs included that would be extra as well.

I could plot all year for you… PM me if interested.

And also. If someone can produce less plots but at that price. I´m also interested. No problem on having different suppliers.

do you have discord?

Already found 2 providers. 1 0,06 price and 1 0,08. Need 1 more or 2…