Buying XCH via USDS using Stably Prime

Now that we are supposedly able to deposit USD into an account and convert to USDS, then buy XCH directly on chain. I am assuming this is to be done using the Stably Prime account. I am beginning the process of setting up an account for myself. Anyone with experience in using it to purchase XCH, let me/us know how it goes.

Any direct route like this would be a great way to eliminate the Coinbase → hoops we previously had to jump through.

Here is a link to make it easy to find.

I have submitted my account application. It was the normal KYC process. Pictures of my ID front and back and general identification information. Ok, that was fast. While I was typing that one sentence I received an email stating my account was approved.

Now to see what the USD deposit options are like.

The options are:

  • Stablecoins
  • Domestic US Fedwire
  • International SWIFT Wire
  • ACH via Plaid

I wanted to test the ACH Process. ACH transactions are handled by Plaid. Adding my checking account was straight-forward. After it was setup, I initiated a $100.00 deposit from my checking account to see what the fees would be. It went directly to a “Confirm” button with no breakdown of any fees. I went ahead and clicked confirm. After about a minute, the deposit showed in the “HISTORY” section as “Pending transfer from PREFERRED CHECKING”. Still no information on fees. No information on how long this is supposed to take. I’ll update once it processes.

I also submitted the application but I don’t see any option to buy XCH! Hopefully someone more verse can chime in.

You don’t “buy XCH” on the Stably Prime site. See Buy XCH - Chia Network.

Yeh, I think you just get USDS there and then transfer the USDS to your light wallet. They use the offers in the wallet to buy XCH directly on chain.

This is my understanding. Haven’t gotten that far yet, but working on it.

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The ACH deposit went through sometime last night. I have no idea when because oddly now that my account shows $100 balance, the history shows nothing. You would think that a deposit of $100 would be in the history with all the transaction information. But nope.

The good news. I have $100 in my stably account. That means so far there were no fees in this process. Now to convert to USDS and get me some XCH.


Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you know if there’s a way to deposit or withdraw without any KYC process?

I don’t think that is possible in any exchange. It’s the law (could be wrong).

Well, I was wrong. The deposit still hasn’t gone through. The balance says $100 but if I go into USD it shows:
Available: $0.00
Pending: $100.00
And if I try to withdraw USDS it says none is available. So I guess I’m still waiting. Maybe that is why the History is still blank. But if it is still pending, the “Pending” entry should still be in history … right?

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Mine is pretty much the same. KYC was fast and I tried to deposit $100 using ACH via Plaid. It’s been ~20 hours and still pending. However, I do see the pending record in the history.

It may be the same as Gate. An ACH deposit to Gate was available for trading almost immediately but was still locked for 7 days. You cannot withdraw it (or any coin bought with it) for 7 days. I am assuming it is the same here. Would be nice if they had some sort of notification that said so.

Wire transfers do not have this wait period but do carry fees.

From whom are you supposed to buy XCH? From farmers wanting to sell, or is Chia company offering some of it’s prefarm up for sale?

Others that put XCH offers (for sale). That could be farmers or just people that own XCH. No, Chia has not touched the prefarm.

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No, not pre-farm. You download offers from site like or and use your light wallet to trade XCH, USDS, and any other CATs.

Here is some example, OfferBin | An open marketplace for Chia Offers

The cheapest (free) ACH usually take 3 business days to settle.

Once you have USD on the Stably account, you can have them mint USDS into a wallet address you specified.

Then trading USDS for XCH through the new “offers” feature as described here:

The Stably guy said withdrawing usds into fiat will have 0.1% commission. I’m curious if someone had done it yet and how it went.

Has anyone managed to set this up outside of US?

I’m in the UK and not seeing a lot of options for UK financial institutions

Just checked in on my Stably account. The deposit is still Pending. I was told by Stably support “We have looked into your account and it looks like your funds have settled, but are on hold for some reason. This usually lasts a few days before the funds are released.”

That’s nice … “Some Reason”. Nice how much they know so much about what is going on in their own system. I am still going under the assumption that they will clear around 7 days. That is the experience I have had with coinbase and the ACH process there.

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Same for me. It’s still pending and can’t be withdrawn.

Their site says ACH takes at least 10 business days, so I guess it’ll be a while.

I transferred some Stellar Lumens (XLM) into Stably Prime, which I can see as a balance but every time I try and exchange XLM for USDS it just says ‘Trade Desk - unable to retrieve quote’. I’ve contacted support via their website 3x now to no-response.

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Wait until you learn about what your bank does with your money when your do a wire transfer and it takes days to arrive :scream: :joy: