Buying XCH via USDS using Stably Prime

Correct regards the Light Wallet but you then trade (swap) to XCH using offers. There must be someone willing to take up your offer, giving XCH and wanting USDS at the rate you offer.

You could offer 80 USDS (worth exactly $80 when traded) for 1 XCH, or you could offer 90 USDS etc. There just has to be someone willing to take the swap. Offerbin is a list of such ‘swaps’ and Hashgreen is more automated.

In short, think swapping not buying. Although traditionally you swap a bit of printed paper for goods and services!

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Im in the UK and dont think i can ‘easily’ transfer into Stably. I did however easily transfer some ETH and XLS into my Stably account, however i cant do anything with it.

Trading ETH to USDS says ‘Account does not have sufficient available funds’ when it does and trading XLM to USDS says ‘Trade Desk: Unable to retrieve quote’

Ive sent support tickets via their site which seem to have blackholed and currently have an open support ticket on their support site:

Wish me luck! At worst i guess i can withdraw to Coinbase and lose the transfer fee, Coinbase fee and the spread…

It is really just like stock trading. You put out what you are asking or bidding and then it gets matched up with someone on the other side of that transaction. Nothing new (as an idea) but new as in directly on the chain.

Progress, seems ETH was pending, thats now a balance.

Process was Transfer the ETH to my Stably Prime Account (which i had to setup and was very unintuitive).

Once in the Prime account it shows as USD on the Balance page. You then withdraw > Stablecoin > USDS to a pre-setup USDS wallet on the Chia Network using the USDS receive Address.

Its a bit of a mess, they really need someone to look at their UI

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It seems, exactly that.

It’s still showing as a USD balance in my Stably account but when i try the transfer again it now says ‘Failed to verify USD account balance: Requested withdrawal amount is greater than disbursable balance’

No idea where my funds are. The History doesn’t show the Withdraw.


It’s just shown up on the USDS Token in my Light Wallet. However it’s also showing in my Stably account even though i cant use it.

Ill now create an offer:
Done, i offered 243.53 USDS > 2.8 XCH

You can see it at the bottom (this shows 2.9 but i edited that initial offer)

Ive also put it on Offerbin, no idea if you can use two but we will see


My offer was accepted (no idea where) at 5:24pm GMT and everything sync’d just fine and pretty quickly. The wallet says XCH came in at 6:10pm and the USDS left at 6:35pm. If you’re able to transfer $ to USDS you can get Chia without using an exchange - that’s excellent right?

As far as I can work out, that’s DeFi isn’t it?


Its certainly usefull.
Who’s doing all the kyc stuff and legal record keeping though?

I believe it’s underwritten (may well have used the wrong term there), details could be here:

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Well, I finally have a balance in my stably account that is not pending. The odd thing is there is no transaction history. How can I have a balance with no history?

Going to try to make the next step now.


How did you transfer funds to Stably @WolfGT

I used the ACH available via Plaid. It was easy, it just took forever.

Ahh yes you mentioned earlier. I looked at that but it wasn’t obvious (to me) how to use it. Im in the UK. I used and Etherium transfer from Coinbase which probably cost a little bit, be it was pretty much instant.

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I also had some XLM in my Stably account but on transferring it to Prime account it’s vanished.

Anyone here know how to use the stellar blockchain so I can try and trace it?

I have had an offer on Hashgreen for 5 days and still no takers. My offer is $79 per XCH ($100 for 1.266 XCH). Which is pretty good since the price for the last 7 days has mostly been below that. But still no takers. Now the price is at $80. Oh well, continuing to wait.

Finally, my offer on HashGreen was accepted and has been confirmed. I bought 1.266 XCH for $100. Now I will transfer that to my cold wallet. Process complete. From beginning to end, it took 24 days. That could have been sped up a lot if my offer was higher. But I figured I could wait.


Your patience was rewarded with a better entry price. That’s good trading!

And thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been following it with great interest.