Buying XFX (Flax) coins

You got a few fork coins?
I’ll buy a couple of them (maybe 4 or 5)… If you got some and want to get some creamy coffee, let me know.
I’ll pay you through PayPal.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got 60 XFX until now.

1 XFX = 10 €
60 XFX = 500 €

I am also buying chia fork coins (altcoins), paying with XCH. The case above with Flax - XFX -10$ will not happen in may case tough, i offer a maximum of 2$ per XFX, who is interested, just reply to me. Interested also in SPARE and GREEN and GOJI

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On some discord channels, XFX is sold for about 10 USD on average. You will not find any person that sells it for 2 USD / XFX.

Yea…well, everybody with it’s choices , with 10$ i can buy a professional monopoly game, not just a monopoly coin :)). There’s a very very slim chance that any of this forks will be launched on exchanges and get official.
Anyways, why don’t you sell there than if there are people willing to pay this kind of money on monopoly virtual coins?

Well, in that case, you have a choice. I don’t get why you are not selling there (?).
Earlier you were saying willing to sell for that price, and you seem to know where you get that price. Just saying.

  1. You want to sell 10$ per xfx.

  1. You seem to know where they pay that price.

I will also switch to selling if somebody gives me 10$ per xfx :))) i have 120

Some useful info on forks, and pricing -


how to find a place to sell and buy XFX? It isnt even listed on any market

This is one place where you can sell and buy shit coins…

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I was offering you 5$ per Flax coin.
Now the price dropped to 2.5$ per coin.

Yes, that was probably a mistake, but you only wanted an single XFX.

I was asking for 2.

After the first 2 coins, you know how quickly you pay you. Then I was going to buy more.

Now, not buying any more. lol

Chia like shit, XFX the same as worthless

that didn’t age well :smiley:

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Hey I buy XFX coins for 1 $

any one like to sale ?

I know price now 1,60 but it’s a gamble :wink:

Go there, and buy some on the trades. I think this will be faster than get some from here.

I’m selling all FORK Coins for XCH. Message me your price and desired quantity.

Still buying? I have XFX for sale for XCH. Also have other Fork Coins.