ByteStamp - double blockchain notarization service

Bytestamp is a blockchain notarization service active since 2014.

Now ByteStamp, in addition to use Datacaoin blockchain, notarizes on CHIA blockchain, too.

Each ByteStampProof, each ByteStamp Digital Asset , and even cross check points are now notarized both on Datacoin Blockchain and on CHIA blockchain.

This affects every data sent to ByetStamp, even data you mange with your own developed software using ByteStamp API.

And also files notarized by Windows ByteStamp Software

Here Bytest@mp - The Internet Timestamp Service you can see a ByteStampProof written to CHIA DataLayer, and have the proof of inclusion on CHIA blockchain by using the sync_status field. You can verify CHIA block and transaction on third party services, too.

If you scroll at bottom of the page there are instructions to verify CHIA ByteStampProof on your own.

There is also an explanation on how to read ByteStamp JSON written to Chia Data Layer, if you are a developer.

So, every ByteStampProof now as a strength of a double blockchain.

here is the original post of this announcement:

Thank You for your interest in Bytestamp