[CA] Considering selling my farm

I’m moving and my new house doesn’t have the room for my Chia farm so I am considering selling it :frowning:

I’m just putting out feelers to get and idea if I should or even can sell it.

Located in Canada.
772 TiB, 7802 Solo Plots
Average block find 9-11 days
Farming since April 2021

If there is interest I will update with a full list of all the hardware

You’ll never know unless you tell us what you have…

Who gets a new house that doesn’t have a Chia room!? This is like my first consideration while house shopping! What room will I make my data center!? Lol. Also, does that location have a fiber connection! Lol.


Are you saying you have to live on a farm to farm? :rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I guess I should have phrased it differently, I was trying to be sensitive… haha…
I have a data centre in the new house, just no room for Chia. :wink:

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It will sell: everything comes down to price. I’ve seen two Chia setups sell recently on FB Marketplace quite quickly ($15/TB CAD)… and another on Kijiji sit forever because the drives are 2x market rate (and they lie about returns).

Depending on how long you have, it may be quicker to sell things in two batches. There seems to a healthy market for loose used drives in FB Marketplace and Kijiji… but the NAS/SAS/enclosure gear (if you’re not all externals+USB) can be easier to sell to homelab people (here) but they may not want a mountain of drives at the same time.

You should also say if you’re near a large city: stuff in the GTA/GVA regions move faster. If you’re in some NW Ontario town with 10000 people… good luck! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not in a rush to sell it all off. Since I’ve been farming since the beginning my 7802 plots are solo and I never bothered re-plotting for pools what that came out so… It’s best for it all to go as one package.

No USB drives here, off the top of my head it’s a mix of about 86 SATA & SAS HDDs total of 900 TB of HDD space. I never maximized my drive space so they are all K32 plots but I’ll do the inventory over the weekend.

I do have a buyer for all of the drives if push comes to shove, not a Chia Farmer though but I’d rather see the plots being used over formatting the drives and selling them off, you know?

Small town living has never been my thing. Haha…

Speaking for myself: plot files are worth $0, and the first thing I do with any used drives is format them. It’s not worth taking chances with files a previous owner still has keys for. You can download plots from Akash for about 5-10c each… or medium-sized farms can make about 200 K32’s themselves per day (and from yesterday’s storage AMA: plotting is still getting faster).

It would be nice if the drives go to another Chia farmer though!

I live in Vancouver . Are you nearby?

Unfortunately no, I’m in Toronto.

Why do you quit given your returns? Can you post your receive address so we can check how often you get rewards? Send me a PM if you dont want it public.

I solo mine ETH, pool mine BTC. My goal is to move to solo mining BTC so my focus is acquiring as many ASICs. The consideration to liquidate my Chia farm is driven by my need to expand my BTC farm.
Simply put, selling the Chia farm can buy me another BTC miner.

Which Bitcoin miner do you use? Where do you buy them?

I use what I can get, what’s available whenever I’m ready to buy…

I’m curious about the exact hardware and price.

I’m going to finish the inventory list tomorrow then post it.

Selling the HDDs only

836 TB total drive space, total of 75 Hard Drives
Located in Canada, near Toronto in Durham
I will part out and update this post with what is currently left.
Asking price is in Canadian Dollars

WD Red 6TB x10 - $100 CAD each ($78 USD)
WD Red Plus 10TB x4 - $200 CAD each ($155 USD)
WD Red Pro 12TB x7 - $235 CAD each ($182 USD)
WD Gold 16TB x17 - $385 CAD each ($298 USD)
Seagate Barracuda 8TB x1 - $130 CAD each ($100 USD)
Seagate IronWolf 8TB x3 - $155 CAD each ($120 USD)
Seagate Exos X16 10TB x24 - $265 CAD each ($205 USD)
Seagate Exos X16 12TB x9 - $285 CAD each ($221 USD)

*Last update 24/07/2022 @ 7pm EST

If you’re willing to part them out, I’d only be interested in the 16TBs. What price are you looking for?

Will you ship to the US?

I would ship to the US by UPS or FedEX, which ever is less expensive.