Calculation of Temp Sizes and Final Sizes

Is there Calculation of Temp Sizes and Final sizes available?
What would be the formula?

Reason beeing: I have one click farming and would like to implement Plot dize management with respect to final drive utilitsation and available size of my temp drives.
What I currently do is basically to just check:
available space < 110 gb? → move from ‘grassland’ to plotfield and add to chia farm
available space >= 110 gb? → plot another plot on drive

Check out k sizes · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub for a table of plot sizes and temp sizes.

The Proof of Space docs include a formula for calculating a plot size for a given k size:

space = 780 * k * pow(2, k - 10)

I believe there is some variation with the final plot files. That is, they aren’t the exact same number of bytes each time, but should fall near the above calculation. I’m not aware of how temp space is calculated, but for up to k35 you can assume that you need 2.5 times the plot size of temp space.


That is a nice find!

If I read it right, that equation means:

space = bytes_per_proof * header_adjustment * proof_count

That implies that “header_adjustment” grows with k-value (i.e., faster than assuming that the result is just a simple sum of two plots, plus a unifying table - as the number of tables stays the same, but size of those grows), meaning that plots are getting less proof dense / TB as the k-value increases. That would imply that those that plot higher k-value plots to cover all the free space are basically wasting their time.