Calling out all pools to form a mega pool to pit against Hpool

I have personally signed up for’s pool before official launch.

I have also noticed some other pools coming up in here.

It would be a great work for other pools to combine with’s pool as we form a mega pool to pit against Hpool.

There is a discord channel and twitter up.

I really hope we can all have combined efforts.

Will hpool remain once pools are live? It’s a hit, but people could just replot and form new pools?

Yes I would assume that many people will go that way. If you don’d have new space to fill, then better to replot and join regular pools. But we’ll see. They’ve been at 30% for a while and not really growing much. As soon as real pools launch their share will drop I suspect

Combining pools will not take away hpool’s netspace share. They have around 30% and it will remain so no matter how the remaining 70% is split. So I don’t quite follow the idea.

Also biggest pool may not always mean the best pool as your share will drop proportional to the pool size.

But maybe I’m missing something here.

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If you form a mega pool, does not that makes you hpool 2.0?

any pool that is not hpool is doing a bit to hold them off. i don’t see the point of a mega pool…

what is probably needed is more yt vids making people aware of the dangers and encouraging them to join a real pool…

I think it’s best to wait and see about specific pools. Switching pools once the protocol is supported will be easy enough. Promoting the promise of a specific pool right now feels… not great.

I understand the desire to participate in a large enough pool to normalize rewards, but it only needs to be 1% of netspace to win ~60 times a day right? That’s good enough IMO. No need to centralize the network around one pool unless you have a financial interest in the pool outside of normal harvesting.

Its about the bigger the pool size, the higher chance of landing rewards. If not why would hpool be getting 30++ % ?

I don’t think that’s how it works.

Even if we form a mega pool, each farmer still owns their plots. It’s comparing apples to oranges, in a way.

We just need multiple pools away from going to 50% over the network. As long as we have collaboration and fairness between everyone and the network will be really decentralized and stable. There is no future in centralization or concentration going into the future of chia.