Can a $500 build do 40 plots/day?

I’ve seen a few $500 ish builds on YouTube that say they can do 40 plots per day. Has anyone tried one. Anyone have a build close to that that they can vouch for? I find it hard to believe since I built one for 3k that doesn’t do that many.

Does not seem plausible to me. The NVME drives capable of that speed alone would be more than $500.

That’s what I’m thinking

May have been possible at one point, but now with SAS drives/old CPUs/LSI cards going way up, makes this much harder…

The $500 builds on youtube are mostly old DDR3 E5-26xx era builds. Without SSD, sure you can pick one up with dual E5-26xx and 64gb of memory. But you add your own SSDs so cost would more than double.

$500 without the ssd’s/hdd’s then yes maybe. But atm and depending on your location, finding a good spec server for 500 bucks…hmmm

What are the constraints?
New prices only? (used would have too much variance and depends on “the deal”)
Including storage (temp only, or also final)?
No renting I assume (that would be cheating on the build cost)

In the UK - USED - a workstation (say a Dell Precision) with 2xE5-2650/70v2, 64GB would costs $500-600+, a rackmount about $3-400 - 3xSabrent Rocket (not Q) 1TB could do 40 a day with 48GB Ram - costing about $300 - so its close (around $600) if you can find the rackmount and upgrade it to a 2670v2 or similar yourself

I recently purchased several DL380p for $120 each (ILO problems - E5-2640v2, 16GB) but the E5-2670v2 would probably have to come from China - you could sell the 2640v2 on ebay - so yea it POSSIBLE to assemble it all for $5-600 but only by scraping for parts and waiting ages

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my dell r720DX cost £600 and does 38 plot a day saving to a NAS but pretty sure saving to USB Disk directly it could do 40. No NMVE drives needed, 24 spinning 10k SAS 2.5" HDs but nowhere near the $500 price.

does that 600 pound price include the 24 sas disks?

yes drives include but I got 128Gb of ram for free from work

Just throw in 64gb of ram per machine and some SSDs and you are good to go.

Your plot times would have to be below 8 hours though, to make that. 3TB temp can run maybe 14 plots at a time, so to do 40 a day you would need to get pretty fast plots, I don’t think those Xeons will do that, will they?

I have mostly Xeon servers – 2600’s, 2600 v2’s, and 2600 v3’s. They will absolutely do those numbers. I can get 8 hour plots on all of the systems even the v1 Xeons.

Temp storage is king – if you have enough cpu cycles and ram to handle lots of concurrent plots (which the Xeons MORE than do in the higher end skus that are relatively inexpensive now a days) than you can easily get great performance out of these systems.

I’m currently playing around with and old hp z230, with a e3-1246v3 in it. Plotting on sata hdd’s
It’s dong ok for the prize but the problem I didn’t think about was the difficulty of finding ddr3 8gb sticks that are unregistered.
So I’m limited to 4 plots concurrent, when the plan was 6