Can anyone explain the 'create transaction' options in the gui wallets tab?

Because XCH might be available on legitimate exchanges this week can anyone explain the ‘create transaction’ options on chia gui in the wallets tab?

  • I am assuming ‘address / puzzle hash’ is where you enter ‘your chia exchange wallet address’ found on the exchange (Binance, Coinbase etc) that you would like to sell your chia.

  • Amount’ could be number of XCH coins you want to send?

  • Fee’ is confusing how do you calculate what fee to enter?


Anyone worked out fees yet?

Another thought ‘is there a blockchain for xch’ (or will there be) so you can view your transactions and see how many confirmations you’re transaction currently has?

I’ve only seen this Chia cryptocurrency blockchain explorer

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As I understood so far fee is 0

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Other crypto coins (BTC XMR etc) have confirmations so I wonder why chia currently doesn’t?

tell that to the guy who paid over 5 xch lol (was mentioned on the live stream)

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I wonder how long transactions take to land in destination wallet if fee is set to 0?

Friends of mine have specified a fraction of a coin such as 0.0005 XCH and have reported time taken was roughly 1 - 2 hours when sending to exchange today.

OMG that is something

I just transferred 0.05 to okex, it took like 30 minutes.
Also it shows the number of confirmations (30 was required)

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Fee of 0.0005 chia works and depending on network traffic should take about 1-2 hours max to land in your exchange wallet if trading on Okex