Can anyone help me with my plotting device?

So i have recently invested alot in chia and bought alot of hardware.But when i started plotting it seemed that it hasnt really been working as fast as i thought it would.So now im turning to you,can you help me? My specs are the following.

RAM - 64 GB DDR4 on 2400MHZ

Processor - RYZEN 9 5950X

Motherboard - Mortar MSI B550

SSD Samsung 860 QVO x 3

HDD 6 TB x 40


How fast are you getting. How many hours per plot(s) or hour many plots in X number of hours (if plotting all in parallel with no wait time)? If you plot with a wait time, how many plots complete in the total combined time including wait?

What kind of times were you expecting. I’m pretty sure the Samsung 860 QVO is a SATA SSD. That board has an NVME slot. You would be a lot better off returning a couple of those 860’s and picking up a 980 pro.

Well i saw other people with this build that were plotting around 40 plots per day and i dont know if this is right but i think with this type of ssd i could plot 3 in parallel per ssd and i have 3 of them

Getting 40 plots per day would great. You still didn’t tell what you are getting as your average speed per plot (or group of plots.) If you are attempting 9 in a parallel, we would like to know how fast you are doing that 9 to see if that speed is average or not to make a recommendation. You can’t just go in saying that your speed for Y number of plots (or 1 plot) seems slow because people are plotting up to 40 per day on my setup so therefore I should be hitting around 40 also. It doesn’t necessarily work like that.

RE: Your build…it could do with some modifications.

  1. 2400MHz memory on a 5950X? Why didn’t you get at least 3600MHZ memory for such a top end CPU? Even 3200MHz is cheap as 2400MHz I’d guess.

  2. 64GB is a good start, but more is better. For example a plot might use ~4GB each so if you want to have 16 going at once, well that’s 64GB. You need more for a cushion for the OS. Min 16GB or better. Perhaps another 32GB, so trade in what you have and get 96GB of 3600MHz.

  3. The Pana QVO is terrible. I bought, tried it, and immediately returned it. Why? Aside from the fact it has a SATA speed limit, write speed after a short bit of cache used up is 150MB/sec. I have hard drives faster than that. Bog slow and awful. Panasonic should be ashamed after the (other) great drives they produce. Use NVME drives.

I plotted 3 in parallel(one on each ssd) and it took around 6-8 hours to plot all of them.

Dude try the madmax plotter. You should be able to get one plot every 25ish minutes or so with that setup. I’m getting one done every 45 minutes with a lower/middle of the road rig…I like it because each individual plot gets done super quick and you don’t have a bunch of running in parallel so if something happens (BSOD, power loss Etc.) you don’t lose a bunch of plots at the same time😎

I can drop in the link to madmax if you want