Can I change my Receive Address to any chia address which is not associate with the farmer and pool key?

I am currently farming with hpool, but I found out that my pool address have won 3 blocks within 20 days but the reward I receive from hpool is just 3 xch, so I am planning to farm solo. But I am worried that hpool’s farming application have compromised my private key, so I am planning to change the receive address to a cold wallet address (address generate from other clean computer) which is not associate with my farmer and pool key. Please advice, Thanks in advance!

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You can change the receive address.
If you are using the GUI, under the Farm tab, click the 3-dot menu on the top right corner and edit the receive address. You can also change it in the config.yaml file. Update the xch_target_address: (there are 2 entries for it) to your new target wallet.

Thanks a lot!You save my day!

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Forgive me if disturbed,
I just curious how many plots do you farm on? :joy:

Big investment, around 5000++ now.

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With new Pool protocol… I can’t find where to change address where the Pool is sending my rewards… is it fixed or I can change that receiving address?

I can change my receive address when I win the block in GUI and in config.ymal but I don’t find where can I change the address that I’m receiving my partial reward from pool.