Can i check i'm 'Farming'


So i’m happily plotting on a fast drive and saving the completed plots to a hdd (attached via USB) on my plotting machine and am now more familiar with Ubuntu/CLI/screen/duf/grafana and a whole load of new things. Every day is a school day right?

Whats the next step to farming? Should i move the hdd full of plots to a different farming computer? And how do you set that up. Ive a spare Celeron NUC and a Raspberry Pi 3 that may work.

On the plotting machine before i started plotting i generated a private key and can see the key with chia keys show

I can check the plots with chia plots check

And each plot has my Pool public key and Farmer public key

But ive no idea what to do next.

On a separate computer (a Mac) ive installed the Chia App and entered my key and synced the blockchain. Not even sure if thats relevant, but i did it.

Many thanks.