Can i have chia without editing any scripts?

I currently have it on windows, i have gotten 3 16tb external hdd to start off. Tomorrow i will be getting 2x2tb m.2 nvme ssd n 4x16gb running on b460m pro vdh i7 10700f My current m.2 nvme will be used to connect to an adaptor as the (os) do i need to dl ubuntu or do some tweaks to activate raid0 ? Will the pc shop guy know how to do this? Is there any difference between 2x32gb vs 4x16gb? The pc guy told me my b460m pro vdh wifi bot can only support 4x16gb ram

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Don’t use RAID 0… You are subjecting yourself to total loss if one of the 3 disks goes bad. There’s no benefit. Just use them in JBOD mode.

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Too many questions in here :slight_smile: so i’ll try and answer few:

  • You don’t need to modify any scripts to plot/farm chia - it can work on Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4x16 should be fine to plot
  • For the CPU I am not familiar with the model, but you should plan like 2cpu/threads per plot - there are few topics here where people talk about it, I would suggest you check them or do trial and error and adjust

Hope that helps - good luck :slight_smile:

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There is benefit to ingestion speed, if you are creating plots from multiple machines. Being able to ingest at 400-500mb/sec is quite useful at times. But yeah, it’s a long term risk for sure, and since chia is about long term value of files…

I do wish there was a magic “convert raid 0 array back to simple set of disks” button, but in the real world that involves a LOT of copying of data :joy:

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What is Jbod mode. Any links? Basically do i need to tweak anything to start plotting. Or just by default it is ok? I thought we must combine both the 2 x2tb ssd as temp drive

I googled jbod. (Just a bunch of drives) in this instance : do u mean just install n run by default? Any recommended settings on partellel plotting