Can I link plots to my farm hosted on my local network?

Hello to all,

Actually I am using a Chenbro RM217 6 HDD + A chenbro Jbod 16 bays connected to it.
The box is full of disks and slowly I am busy to replace all disks to 18Tb hdd.

I just got some more spare disks and I have a Qnap 8 bay barebone availble to use.

Can I link plots to my farm hosted on my local network ? Will the answer time be fast enough when the plots are hosted on the local network and not on the main farm system ?

Thank you in advance.

What do you mean by QNAP 8-bay barebone?
If it supports docker best is to set up a harvester then, no issues with local network bandwith guaranteed.
If it supports SMB or NFS shares to you main farmer and local network load is not too high respons times will be ok also I believe.

This is a Qnap TS869L and I am looking to share disk by disk on my local network wich is working perfectly and host new plots on these disks.
Gbit local network.

Only issue to be expected with response/lookup times will be with higher network usage because of other applications.
Writing plots from your plotter to a disk shared on the QNAP while already farming it may be of influence.
HD/4K streaming or gaming in your household…
To avoid the latter and also any other applications maybe you can run a direct ethernet cable between your main system and the QNAP. It has two ports I saw.

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Months ago I did some tests regarding Chia farming on shared folder.

Best results regarding lookup times were on NFS. SMB is bad for Chia farming in context of good lookup times.

So from my experience use Linux and NFS.


I have a harvester with 61,000 plots connected by nfs client, and works very well !
Here are the nfs servers and client parameters:
mount -t nfs -o vers=3,async,noatime,nodiratime /mnt/1


This RM21706 has 6 drive bays correct?

Hello Drhico,

Yes but I have an adaptec 5805 connected from this box to another 16 hdd Jbod.

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