Can I "migrate" my farm to another computer?

Hello !

I’m new here and I’m trying to figure out some things.
I have a farm on my computer with 50 plots. I plan to move all of that to another one.

My question is : if I install the software on the new computer and connect my wallet, will I continue my farming at the same point that I was on the first computer ?

It’s hard to tell if I’m at 20%, 50%, 75% of getting one “coin”. Is there a way to see it ?

I hope my question is clear enough.
Thanks for you help !

It’s a lottery, you’re always at x% of the total lottery tickets! :blush:

Yes, enter your 24 words on the next machine, tell the GUI where your plot directory is and you’re good to go on the next machine. If you’re on the same OS between machines you should then be able to copy the DB directory to get up to sync a lot quicker as well.


Ahh ok I see, thanks a lot for the quick answer ! :wink: