Can I plot directly to a bank of External hard drives via 3.0 usb

So here are the system specs
Ubuntu linux
256G ram
5, hopefully 7 soon, 2tb NVMe drives for the plot creation
6 internal hard drives
a bank of external hard drives
Using 8 threads is the fastest for my set up

Here is the question.
Can I have the final plot destination go directly to the bank of hard drives that are connected via a Sabrent 16 port USB 3.0 hub instead of plotting to the internal hard drives then moving the plots to the external hard drives?
How are you all moving your plots around? Currently I am using the 6 internal hard drives as the final destination. After one fills up I then transfer this drive to an external. I am a little weary to make the externals the final plot destination in light of the slow transfer speeds compared to the SATA connection on the hard drives.
I have been watching my IO wait over the last two weeks and here is what I have found. It seems to be the highest at these three point,
The start of the plot
Around 31 percent when it begins table 6,
When the plot is finished and then is transferred to the final destination causes the most IO WAIT.
So I am worries as I am approaching 8 to 10 TB a day that my system will choke if I plot directly to the externals.
Any thoughts team?

Yes, USB 3.0 Speed the same like SATA 600, you don’t have the differences

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