Can I run 2 completely different Chia instances?

Wondering if I can run 2 completely different Chia instances at the same time. This would be different wallets, different keys, different plots, etc. on my home network.
Im asking because I have out-sized the available storage on my NAS and need to startup a different machine to host any more plots. I tried several times to get harvesters to work, but have not had any luck, so I think it would be easier to just have 2 completely separate environments with different everything. Just wondering if that will work.

I think so, yes, especially if they are totally different wallets, keys, etc?


AFAIK it’s about the total plot size, they don’t mention that it has to be under a single wallet… Until I can figure out how to break out harvesters, it may be the best option for me since ive run out of space on the machine. I need to fire-up a second “node” to farm from with it’s own storage/plots.

This is possible, but I don’t recommend it. Having 2 main nodes on the same network is not ideal. Do you only have plots stored on your NAS?


yes, it works, and it’s fine to use the same key. i farm on several machines with the same key/wallet (on different plots, naturally). i even have a single plot on a raspi, just for fun. though, i do have a few different networks.

and, yes, (1) it’s more efficient to use harvesters, especially if you’re on a single home lan o/w you’re multiplying your traffic by N main nodes, and (1) it’s more secure to use harvesters so you’re not copying your keys around to N places.

Speaking from experience, this will give you the same slow sync times people get when running just one node behind NAT and not forwarding their port 8444 (or maybe even no sync at all if you don’t manually add nodes to connect to - I haven’t waited around for long enough to find out).

Why? Using the same keys on multiple nodes (just import your mnemonic on the new one) is no problem at all.

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Yes, the windows box running the Chia GUI is full of plots and I expanded my plots to my NAS, which is now also full. The only way for me to expand plot space is to grow into another box with it’s own storage. To do that, I have added disks to the Linux box I am using for plotting, but it’s not shared storage, so there is no way for the main Chia node to see it. If I can startup a full-node along with a farmer and a harvester on the Linux box then I can plot, harvest and farm there as well. Im thinking that if I use a different wallet address there wouldn’t be any conflict.

The conflict there is that only one node can listen on port 8444 of your public IP, letting it connect to other nodes on the internet without whatever slow NAT traversal method Chia uses.

Though you can probably configure your second node to use a different port and things should be fine again then, but I haven’t seen anyone try this.

And like I said, you don’t need to make a new wallet. You can use the same keys on multiple nodes just fine. Of course, the second node will show wrong balances until it’s synchronized, but you have to wait for that before your node can really do anything anyway.

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