Can i stop a plot? 4 plots running when i meant to do 3

Hi all, total noob error here… I have had a look and can’t find the answer here to stopping or pausing a plot.

I accidently set 4 plots running and i think i only have the temp drive ssd space for 3. It’s a 1TB ssd.

1st plot is at 59%
2nd at 36%
3rd is at 9% and 4th at 4% plotted.

I guess i will run out of space on the ssd at some point or will the first one finish and make space for the 4th in time as it moves to the hdd? can i pause 1 of the plots? will they all fail? should i stop them all now and start again?

many thanks for any advice…

I think you will be ok. 1TB drive can handle 4 plotters in parallel as long as they are staggered like you have done. You might have a bottleneck when it ends.


Thanks! watching it nervously… i’m at 94%74%23%18% with 315gb showing available. i think i might have saved myself by setting the last 2 plots with only 2 thread as opposed to 4… fingers crossed.

Happy to report… I got away with it!

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Nice! I’ve seen a post about going above 90% capacity on ssds might impact future speed. I reformatted mine after 3 weeks of heavy use.
Of course you can always delete a plot to end it, just make sure you note the plot name and go into your temp folder/directory and delete the .tmp files for the cancelled plot. Double check the names!!

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