Can I transfer from 2 farmers => 1 farmer 1 harvester?

I have 2 machines, both run as stand-alone farmer (fullnode + farmer + harvester + plotter) .

Now I get a fixed IP, so I can port-map the IP to one of my machine, this makes it network reliable,
but another machine still suffers from ‘out-of sync’, even I frequently ‘chia show -a {the stable one}’.

Can I refactor my topology to ‘1 stand-alone farmer + 1 harvester’ and keep the plots on the ‘harvester’?

Why not map network drives full of plots to the primary farmer machine? That should work fine unless you have a massive number of drives.

Yes, they both have 4 HD full of plots, and still plotting, I guess NFS will make harvesting less effective.

My concern is , they both plotted by their own key,
if I setup ‘1 stand-alone farmer + 1 harvester’ , how to farm the existing plots on the ‘harvester node’?