Can I turn pool plots into solo plots? Also, why is flexpool only paying for 10% of my plots?

I am trying to figure out how to solo farm on my pool plots. I have been solo farming chia and using hpool since launch and wanted to try official pools, so I recently deleted 40tb of OG plots and created new pool plots linked to flexpool. Something is wrong with either my config or with flexpool because i have been getting an average E. space on flexpool under 4tb. I’ve had all 40tb of plots active for over 3 weeks now and they are still geting paid for under 10% of their value on flexpool. I haven’t been able to find any answers to fix this and at this point I just want to go back to solo farming. Do I need to replot once again or is it possible to turn pool plots into solo plots?
I may go back to Hpool as I actually had my best experience farming chia through hpool with OG plots. While solo farming with 110tb, i received less than half of my expected rewards over 1 year and now with flexpool i get less than 10%, however with hpool I got pretty much exactly what was promised. I know hpool was extremely sketchy and nobody spoke highly of it, but oddly it seemed to be the only honest player. That’s just my experience and I was probably just unlucky with solo farming, my estimated win times were always weeks or months long which obviously leads to instability in rewards, but without a doubt something is wrong with my flexpool payouts.
For further context, I am farming solely on USB external drives that are connected to rigs that are also CPU and GPU mining. I don’t think this would cause issues but the pc’s are constantly under high stress. I am using windows GUI and have limited knowledge of using command prompt to operate chia and limited knowledge of linux but I am willing to learn if need be. If anyone has any insight into how to fix my flexpool plots, that would also be much appreciated but like I said I’m ready to just go back to solo and just want to ask if i need to replot once again.

To go solo: find the pool tab in the GUI.
Go to the pool that has all the plots in it and shows farming to flexpool. Select “change pool” and then “self-pool”

But clearly something is up with your setup, a pool is the most reliable source to see if your system is working. If you go solo now, that will not fix any problem, just make you not see it.

Hpool runs very light software, because they run their own node.
You can try using flexfarmer (from flexpool) that is also more lightweight than chia software.

Also, check the pool dashboard on and see what it reports in terms of stale partials.

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Thanks very much for the response. I checked my flexpool dashboard and I have a 2.3% stale rate, so it doesn’t seem like stales are the issue, even though 2.3 is probably not very good. My current effective space on flexpool is shown as 10tb and average as 3.6tb. I have 40 tb of actual plots assigned to the same pool nft on multiple drives that show up as actively farming in my GUI.
I guess you are probably right in that switching to solo won’t fix anything so I’m not sure what to do.
I have 4 windows pc’s running full nodes with the same wallet on the same network, could this be causing issues?

Yes that can cause problems for sure.
Best is to use one as farmer and the rest as harvesters.
Either that or you have to do things with the upnp and port mapping but I’m not sure what the correct way is there.

This should be a good place to start with the havester setup. I’m sure there’s some youtube videos and stuff as well. Below guide seems overly complicated but in reality I think its pretty easy.
P.s. chia also has discord now, where you can find support from the team.

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OK thanks for your help. I tried to run harvesters a long time ago but never got it working, I’ll have to give it another shot. just 2 more questions if you don’t mind. Would i be better off farming on a linux OS, and if so which one?

If you aren’t familiar with Linux then that will just further complicate the issues.

I farm 304TiB on a fairly low powered Windows server, I doubt very much Windows is the problem.

Your running, you need to setup your system in the correct way, and I also wonder if your PC’s being

is adding to the problems.

The reason I wonder about windows being an issue is that it seems like windows doesn’t like having too many USB drives connected. I could fit all of my drives on 1 pc if windows would cooperate but every pc I’ve tried becomes less stable with every drive connected. 2 of my rigs won’t even boot up with all of their drives connected and I have to unplug them all if I restart for windows updates or other reasons. All of the rigs become very slow once 5 or 6 drives are connected (severe mouse lag and other issues). This happens even while cpu and gpu mining are not running. I understand that the other mining could be a stability issue in the long term but it seems to be irrelevant. Maybe it’s the combination of multiple GPU’s and multiple USB drives connected to one mobo that is causing issues. It seems to me like a windows issue, because it happens on every pc that i have, but maybe that’s just the reality of using USB drives? Maybe linux wouldn’t be any better, I don’t know. I’m willing to take the time to learn linux if it’s able to handle many devices better than windows

I’m no expert, but it depends on how you have them connected, I have 5 USB drives hung straight off the motherboard on USB3 ports, the other 16 are connected by SAS or SATA and I don’t have any problems.

If you’re using USB hubs, especially USB 2 then that could cause slow downs on the data side.

Sounds to me like you have hardware/driver issues that need resolving, connecting 5 or 6 USB drives really shouldn’t be an issue, there’s people here with far more than that connected.