Can I use a plot someone sells to me?

Just wonder anyone know about this question .

Someone offer selling me the plotted file zipped and send it to me …so is it possible for me to put this plotted file in my hardisk and then start farming is it possible ?

Attached the picture of the plotted file which he wants to sell me

It’s possible if one of these two is correct:

  1. You provided them your farmer key and public pool key and they used them to generate this plot file
  2. They send you their private keys and you start farming using them

If neither of the above is true, then you won’t be able to do anything with that plot file.

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If they send me their private key, they can still log on to the wallet to steal my chia token anytime they wish, is it? cause we both holding the same wallet private key

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Right - having the private key will be able to pull funds etc so that is not recommended unless you know/trust those people.


Very important do not share your private key ever!


You can change the reward address, so the reward doesn’t go to the private key of the plot.


What if the person who plot for me and gave me the private key or 24 phrase and he also logon to the wallet which he gave you the private key and change the reward address to his new wallet address without me notice …so will the reward go to his new wallet address which he just changed after you?

If someone has the private key, they have access to wallet. always.


So it’s still a risk asking someone helping you to do the plotting

you can give them your farmer key and create you a plot but at this stage single plot is worthless so matter the size.


Any idea once we have the farmer key where about we need to fill in the farmer key at chia.exe app 1.1.2 version can share the screen shot?

See here - it might help somewhat. I don’t know if we can put the farmer/pool key in the GUI so you might need to run in CLI.

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:man_facepalming: JUST DON’T GIVE OUT YOUR PRIVATE KEYS you can use your public farmer and public pool keys. They are safe for having others plot for you, or you plot for you on different machines!!