Can I use x16 PCIe Gen 4.0 for ASUS Hyper M.2 card, and x4 PCIe Gen 4.0 for RX 580 8GB (display)?

Can I use x16 PCIe Gen 4.0 for ASUS Hyper M.2 card, and x4 PCIe Gen 4.0 for RX 580 8GB (display) ?
Is there any problem ?

shouldn’t be a problem no.

Do you was try it ?, is there no problem ?, normally display GPU is using first slot, not second slot
If first and second slots is same 16 pcie lanes, isn’t a problem, but my motherboard is first slot is 16 lanes, and second slots 4 lanes

As long as the card physically fits in the slot it should work, PCIe is supposed to negotiate the best link over whatever number of lanes are available.

However, not all less-than x16 slots will accommodate all cards physically - some have an open end like in the image below, that slot should accommodate any card, but some slots are closed at the end, in that case you can get un-powered riser cables that should let you connect a x16 card into a smaller slot, or you can modify the slot or the card (but I don’t recommend that).


Something like this would do the trick, search for “x4 to x16 pcie riser”, but you only need that if your slot doesn’t have an open end (or isn’t a x16 form factor slot with only x4 lanes).

There is an issue with the motherboard though. The 1st PCIe is full PCIe 4.0 x16 native Ryzen and the 2nd PCIe 4.0 x16 slot is NOT actually an x16 slot. Per the Asus spec sheet, it is actually 1 x PCIe 4.0 max x4 mode (on an x16 wired connector) on the chipset. I think you could be bottlenecking the Asus card. You would be better off going with 2 separate 2x PCIe to NVMe cards instead that have the PCIe 1x interface and you retain all the speed of the cards (and it is likely cheaper).

yes depends I you want/need full speed for the 580. Like said above, the other slot runs at x4 speed so might not be able to use the full speed of the gpu in that slot.

But… Not only the full speed but also the fact that the x4 slot is the chipset. You’d be better off getting different NVMe to PCIe cards and putting the 580 in the 1st x16 slot.

yeah I guess the real question here is, are you using the GPU for anything?
If it it just for putting plotmanager on the screen, then no problem imo.
If you are using it for anything like gaming…then yes, problem

Absolutely No Gaming… Just Basic Display and Mining…

If you mean mining with the GPU for ETH or something, then keep it in the top x16 slot.
Or better yet, try it and see if it works in the other slot or not

No… Physical Slot Is x16 size, but only can use x4 lanes

I have said this before. You’d be better off getting a different M.2 adapter, maybe something that uses the x4 standard (server cards have it) or maybe going to a few x1 cards that have 2 M.2 on them. Each M.2 NVMe by itself can utilize up to and including the entire PCIe 3.0 x4. So… Going with the x1 card won’t hurt too bad. Going with the 4x M.2 NVMe in the x4 slot is very limiting. Putting the GPU in there is just as limiting and I am not even sure if it will work. Some GPUs won’t even allow it. My server has an x4 slot that is just an x4 with the end open and NO GPU will work in it. Maybe an x1 GPU may work in my case, but I can’t find any.

That is odd. Many mining motherboards have a ton of physically short slots and you connect to them with risers, I have a mining mobo with a bunch of physically x16 slots but they are really only x1, and I get no perceivable hashrate drop - there is not much high speed CPU → GPU communication needed in a typical mining algo.

Advice to OP is try it and see - if you get the same plotting times and hashrate then don’t worry about it.

Yes… before this, I was try in difference motherboard, same RX 580, if x16 slots is installed with RX 580, and another x1 and x4 slots is installed with RX 580, all of RX 580 is detected by AMD driver, but if x16 slots RX 580 removed, all another RX 580 in x1 and x4 slots isn’t detected, even by AMD driver
I make question here, before I think that can also happen with my plan setup…
Maybe AMD driver needs one primary GPU installed in x16 slots…
Currently I use two SN850 1TB with RAID 0, I was plan to add more SN850, and maybe upgrade to R9 3950x from R9 3900x