Can my PC be synced and the port 8444 be closed?

Hey guys!

Just to be clear. In my understanding the port 8444 just link my pc with other peers.

This morning I checked in my farmer, which is synced, the port 8444 in a website, and it says that the port is closed… is that possible?

Any advice will be great! Regards!

Yes. It means you have not port 8444 forwarded from your public ip to the farmer pc. So your farmer can establish connections to other peers (outgoing connections), but no one can connect to you (incoming connections). It is ok for your syncing, but not ok for entry network.

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So, i can not validate the proofs?

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I think you can validate proofs and so on, but this scenario impacts the chia network as I can understand. You can sync to other peers and farm, but nobody can sync with you.