Can one use Swar for plotting and standard Chia gui for farming?

It might be a silly question but if anyone knows it would be truly appreciated!

yes, actually you have to because with Swar you cannot farm, only plot. So you need to either use the GUI or some other way to farm.


Hi i wrote an article on how to use SWAR, you can read it if interested


Yep, I use GUI for farm and CLI for plotting. Because I had problems with the GUI when plotting with the GUI. It slowed down my whole GUI at some point. Now I’ve been using CLI to plot and the GUI is all fine.

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Thank you! it is highly appreciated!

Thank you! it is highly appreciated! I will read it carefully!

Can you also please tell me based upon your experience how much (%) better does SWAR perform over Chia standard plotting?

Thank you! that is a very useful information!

As the gui cant help me to adjust plotting 4 process per 1 TB NVME, it roughly improve around 20-30% plot output for my case

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