Can other's plots be using


I noticed sometimes ppl sell HDD with plots seeded. What is the point of that? Those plots could have a use by any other accont? This is crazy isn’t it?

I personally wouldn’t do it no.

You have to get the private key from the seller, but you have no guarantee they they don’t keep a copy of it.
If you change the reward address, you should be ok…but well it’s far from perfect.

The main value is the HDD. You can ask them to fill their HDD with plots for which you give them your public (not private) keys, and that way the plots are safe. However, if they provide the plots they have made and harvested from their own keys, they have to give you the private keys, but they can also keep a copy of the keys and thus can steal the rewards from you at any time.

You can PM me if you want more information about what is safe to buy.

No, no, no. I wonder if it’s possible to re-validate other’s plots into mine keys? I think not since this is blockchain technology.