Can someone explain threads per plot for me

Hey, I hope someone can clear something up for me.

I watched this video a minute ago where JM was updating bios settings to improve plot performance on his motherboard. He has a i9-10900 which has 10 cores (20 threads)

Later in the video he shows in plotman config which he has configured to run 14 max in parallel and is allocating 8 threads per plot.

How can you allocate 8 threads per plot with 14 plots? You only have 20 plots to play with. Is there just a lot of queueing going on? Can someone explain to me how threads per plot actually works?

Well at the command line, number of threads is a parameter you pass to the plot command.

So you’d have {x} shell windows, running {x} plot commands, which specify {y} threads in each plot command.