Can someone provide me with the size of the Bladebit compressed image?

Since all hard disks are in JBOD mode, according to the current size, there is about 90G of free space on each 16tb hard disk.
But my graphics card has not arrived yet, I want to know the size of each file of bladebit C7, just give me a screenshot, I will calculate how many hard disks RAID0 wastes the least space.
Thank you guys.

here’s the k32 plot file sizes of compressed plots created with current bladebit alphas:

bladebit C-level GiB
C01 87.5
C02 86.0
C03 84.4
C04 82.8
C05 81.2
C06 79.6
C07 78.0

the bladebit compressed plot format may still change; so may the file sizes.


Is this in Linux or Windows?

How about C08 and C09 ?

C8 & C9 are MMX compressed plots, You really should work on getting some C7’s

under construction and will be GPU farming only.

C9 is 75.20GiB, 80.75GB

*all subject to change as it’s still in alpha/beta stage

plot size is independent of OS

bladebit_cuda-windows-alpha3.exe -n 20 --compress 9 -f

compress -9 can work;
compress -10 can’t;

why C09 is not list on the table?

thank you .
It seems that the compression level and capacity of the official version may also change. Wait a little longer.