Can we farm without the private key on the farmer?

We can plot without our private key on the plotter. Can we farm without our private key on the farmer?

Ideally, our private keys are never stored on the plotter or farmer.

Once you have your seed and write it down, it doesn’t make any sense to continue to have it accessible on any computer.

Can we already do this? Thoughts?

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No, the farmer needs access to the private key corresponding to the public keys the plots were created with afaik.

You can however change the target address to the public key of a second “cold” wallet. That means that when you win a block the xch won’t be added to your plotting/farming wallet but to the cold wallet. If you keep the private key for that cold wallet airgapped, you should be safe.
If your farmer gets compromised the attacker can’t get to any xch farmed up until that point. The attacker can of course change the target address to his own, so you’ll need to check your farmer regularly to check if an attacker hasn’t changed the target address to their own (everybody should do that btw).

Links to how to change the target address:
CLI: Chia Keys Management · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub