Can we plot for two or more different pools?


Can we plot for two or more different pools? Currently, I am creating NFT plots for one pool, but I would like to know if I can join another pool and create plots for it. Like that I can farm for example for two pools to see which one is better for me.



When creating a new plot, choose create “New Plot NFT” and enter the other pool website address. You get a new NFT ID for the pool.

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Thanks ChiaMiner.

So if we jump around to a different pool, we would have to replot to change pools?

no, you just need to select a different pool

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This is ambiguous in its meaning. You can have more than 1 pool NFT at 1 time. When you create your plots, you just select which pool you wish that plot to become a member of.

If the original question is asking if someone can plot to 2 or more pools at the same time (and on the same plot), no. You have to change pools with plots tied to that NFT specifically to move all of them to the new pool. Like I said, you can be a member of multiple pools and have plots plotting or assigned to different pools.

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I created a single plot on multiple pools so I could get a sense for how often they win, what their dashboard and tools are like.

But I am mainly sticking to one of them but may move over time

Create a different NFT and link the pooling plots to that NFT. OR create new new NFT and start plotting new pooling plots to that new NFT. My plan is to plot to 21chia and feel out the whole pooling thing and when flexpool opens up, start a 2nd NFT for them and concentrate all my resources for flexpool. My main goal was to start right out with flexpool, but they aren’t pooling right now, but they will be ready soon.