Can we send passphrase in simple text?

Passphrase sending procedure:
chia --passphrase-file C:\keyring.txt keys show

Instead of Reading from file like above described, Can we send passphrase by typing like following or any other method ?
chia --passphrase “12345678” keys show
Where “12345678” is Passphrase text.

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I dont understand
It is used for what?

thank you

When you do chia keys show it will ask for the passphrase that you can then enter.

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Passphrase is new feature in latest version of chia. Check this link.

It means we will need a human resource who will monitor and type passphrase on each prompt in our custom software ?
While in case of sending passphrase after reading from file, we will save passphrase in plain text in PC? Then what is security ?

If your going to save it in plain text on the pc, you might as well just not bother creating one.

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I think the whole idea of a passphrase is that it’s something a human can memorize more easily.
Using it in (custom?) software you might as well straightaway use the mnemonics your trying to show for some purpose, assuming that knowing a passphrase also means knowledge of the mnemonics that’s being protected.
Of course if you could be a little more clear of what you’re trying to achieve by this you could get more appropriate answers, now it’s a bit of a riddle.

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I’ve setup my farmer as a service on Ubuntu and had to disable the passphrase feature as reading the passphrase from file did not work for me no matter what I tried, and I followed Chia’s instructions. Would be nice if that worked as you can definitely restrict the passphrase and only allow the user who is executing Chia process access to it making it secure …enough. Plus, if you have your farmer setup securely like me all you payouts should go to cold wallet and never stay on farmer :wink: