Can We've Unlimited USB HDD drives with Windows?

Hello folks!
Im plotting into USB External Hard Drives, and hoped to use just one farmer computer.

My mobo has 2x PCI1X, so I could install 2x PCI adapters with 7 adicional USB ports, so i would’ve 7(adapter)+7(adapter)+4(motherboard) = 18 USB ports, and using an 7 ports HUB USB I would’ve 126 External HDDs attached in one single cheap machine, YESSS! but no…

it turns out a dream into a nightmare lol

I searched and found out Windows has a limit of drives, alfabet A to Z (26), but A and B are reserved for de floppy drives, Idk why still reserv… Who still use it nor know what it is or was?

Any amazing solution for this, ubunto can handle?

Not every drive needs a drive letter, you can mount them in folders.

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:star_struck:Holly F. Godness!!! :partying_face:Thank You Soooo Much! Chia Godness Bless you with chias xch seeds! :seedling:
Now I can find out how how many USB Drives windows can handle.

More or less than 126?

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