Can Windows wallets be moved to Ubuntu

Can Windows wallets be moved to Ubuntu

Yep. Start the app on Ubuntu, insert your 24 word mnemonic, done.

The mnemonic creates your private key, your keys are in essence your wallet so you can take it to any machine.


Question, can the wallet db folder be moved/copied for faster startup, or does it have to be freshly created by each machine?

Have only tried to copy for windows to Linux and that didn’t work. Same OS should be fine :+1:



Have node on Win, but want to move it to ubuntu. Have stuck on importing wallet words. Can’t find the correct syntax.

Trying this:

chia keys add
Enter the mnemonic you want to use: 24
Invalid mnemonic length
No keys are present in the keychain. Generate them with ‘chia keys generate’
(venv) amd@amd:~/chia-blockchain$

Also tried just tu put all words, but it did not worked out as well.

Is there any step by step guide for ubuntu cli?


This is what I planned to do, apparently I’ll keep my full node and farmer with windows and only plot with Linux after I’ve get my setup stable

Thanks for the information

Check this :point_up:

Yes, you can migrate from any OS Windows, Linux, OS X. As said above add you mnemonic and its done.

Now if you don’t want to wait for it to sync then just copy the DB from the current machine to the new one. I would also copy the Wallet. At todays rate those 2 files are about 5GB. Do note that you need to start and close the Chia app before the .chia folder is available for you to paste the DB’s