Can you answer me this, please?

When I decide to go for a particular pool, I get an ID of a singleton and I create plots for that pool.
Now, few days later, seeing the pool operates badly and I want to change to anther pool, are those plots are still good for the change for the next pool, or do I need to replot every time I change pools?
If I never need to replot again, explain to me how the shifts between pools work, please? Seeing that you need to wrap a pool ID into the plot!
Thanks in adavance!

I know that there are 2 types of plots:

  • The once you have created so far. With those you cannot pool
  • Poolable plots. You cannot make them yet as the protocol is not released. However, once you can make them you can use them to pool and to switch pools without replotting.

Don’t ask me how it works :wink:

Yes, watch it here:
When you create a portable plot (when that will be released), you just don’t create portable plots. In the options, like RAM, thread, etc, and now pool address/ID that you need to choose before clicking “Create” button. Being the official pools is that, pool operators provide their details to the chia network. So, when you see somewhere an interesting pool and if that pool advertise as an “official pool”, then, you enter their web address or an ID code they give you, a drop-down menu immediate displays about that pool.
Then, when you want to move to the another pool, how do you change the previous pool address/ID which you had wrapped into those plots?

You don’t actually add a pool address to your plot when you create it. You add the signature to your own singleton.
That singleton is a smart contract recorded on the blockchain, you can then point to any pool you want (with a minimum of 30 minutes to change, and each change cost you 1 mojo)

So let’s say, “plot A” is created with a singleton ID, and you can change that singleton ID anytime without the need to change the “plot A”?

See here

Yes exactly, you can just change the pool that your singleton will point to.

So the connection between plot and NFT will stay the same, because once the plot is made, you can never change it anymore.
But the pool that NFT will point to can be changed.

Also, it might not work like that at the moment in the testnet (dunno). But this is for sure how it wil work in the mainnet protocol. The way it looks now in your picture is just a bit misleading because it has nothing to do with joining a pool or not.

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OK, thanks for the answers.
We’ll see.

Tiny correction, I thought it was said 30 blocks, not minutes

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