Can your farmer public key and someone else's public pool key be used to create a valid plot?

I’m guessing no because pools haven’t been implemented.

I ask this because with all the plotting services popping up, could they create a plot for you, but it’s part of a pool without you knowing?

I’m not certain but to farm that plot you would need both private keys.

Make sure you read the terms carefully of plotting services. Here is a rule list:

  1. If they ask for your private 24 mnemonic phrase. Do not work with them, go to another one.
  2. They will ask you for your farmer public key and pool public key. This is the proper way to do it.
  3. If they say they want to use their pool public key and not yours, say no and go find another person.
  4. When you get the plots, check and make sure the “Pool Key” is the correct one for each plot on the “Plot” tab of the Chia Client.

This is good thing to check!

Doesn’t work with plots connected to a remote harvester though >_< I’ll figure out how to do this with CLI.

Chia plots check -d nameofplot

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Hey @aaronabrown I think you mean -g instead of -d?

chia plots check -g textstring

For anyone else reading this, the -g flag if for grep. This command will check plots based the filename containing the textstring.

So for example, you can do chia plots check -g plot-k32-2021-04 to check all plots made this past April.


Thanks, flying blind, playing fast and loose.

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Aren’t we all? :sunglasses: … … … …