Cannot find won blocks

Hi Team:

I have recently won another block but it is not in my Chia gui. I was not able to do my other two fingerprints over the weekend, but I have one going right now as I need to find these two blocks. This is from Space…


11/22/21, 7:11 AM

11/15/21, 5:08 PM

Block #






My node as synched immediately , but the wallet is synching. It will take most of the day to synch and I will know tomorrow how this first one goes. Very strange issue.

I did get these errors when I started up the new fingerprint:

2021-11-22T11:48:56.837 wallet asyncio : ERROR Task exception was never retrieved
future: <Task finished name=‘Task-14’ coro=<WalletPeers.ensure_is_closed() done, defined at chia\server\> exception=AttributeError("‘WalletPeers’ object has no attribute ‘connection’")>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “chia\server\”, line 706, in ensure_is_closed
File “chia\server\”, line 120, in _close_common
AttributeError: ‘WalletPeers’ object has no attribute ‘connection’
2021-11-22T11:48:57.472 wallet chia.rpc.wallet_rpc_api : ERROR error No backup on backup service

Well, at least your luck with winning blocks is above average;-)
This one (0.25) seems to have landed with the first one from last week, at xch1ufx3uvr4gghajhz579ujvq2fmulagvxl897p9k2szmm7eaqzulvqqh39kd

So if you find one in either one of your untried wallets you’ll find both!

To prevent having to switch wallets all the time, maybe set your farmer reward address to where you want it to go (address on your ‘normal’ wallet), your lucky streak may continue…

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So, Im up to 544K in the wallet, so it will be complete later on tonight. I will check in the morning but so far nothing new is popping up. I did notice one message that may be a clue?

This plot NFT is assigned to a different key. You can still create plots for this plot NFT, but you can not make changes.

That was in the pool section.

The point is to get those wallets synced as fast as possible, so no need to worry about the Pool section (for time being). Only getting the wallet synced matters.

Before you go to bed, if this wallet will not be synced, on the menu select View / Reload, and select the other wallet that needs syncing. This way, tomorrow you will have less work.

Also, could you check your pool, how big is your farm space? Is it still on the expected level, or rather did it drop?

No farm space stayed the same. Im guessing it will take another 5 hours or so to synch up, but if I’m lucky, I will follow your suggestion. :slight_smile:

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xch1ufx3uvr4gghajhz579ujvq2fmulagvxl897p9k2szmm7eaqzulvqqh39kd is where both blocks went to and that is in my yaml file. Hopefullly we will see the results once the synch is done tonight and tomorrow.

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From someone in space…

  1. No .25 payment

  2. [6:46 PM]

  1. [6:47 PM]

This shows at least one of your wallets has .5 XCH in it

  1. [6:48 PM]

Possible you have more than one wallet. If you do a chia wallet show It will list additional wallets you have

The one wallet will be synched later tonight and I will have the other synched tomorrow so I hope .5 is in there. If that is the case, how do I change things for one wallet? Is it hard? Ty in advance.

20 chars …

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A few more characters…
In the Farm section of the GUI you’ll find three vertical dots top right.
It will allow you to manage your farming rewards. Or the addresses rewards are sent to really.
There is a Farmer Reward Address (FRA) and a Pool Reward Address (PRA).
This PRA is for OG plots, the pool reward address for NFT (poolable) plots is set in the Pool section.

I suspect you’ll find [xch1ufx3uvr4gghajhz579ujvq2fmulagvxl897p9k2szmm7eaqzulvqqh39kd] at least as the FRA, most likely both.
You can change the FRA (and PRA if you have no special thoughts about splitting the rewards for OG plots) to the receive address of your ‘normal’ fingerprint/keys. As found in the Wallet section of the GUI.
But only visible if that normal wallets fingerpring/keys is selected in the Keys section!!!
So unless you know that address by heart, you’ll have to change back to ‘normal’ fingerprint’ first after the quest for the lost .25’s.
Change the FRA in Farm section to the shown receive address in the ‘normal’ Wallet section then, for future wins.
Copy/Paste that recieve address somewhere.
Go back to the fingerprint/keys you found the .25’s on and let that wallet sync for a few more moments, next in Wallet initiate a transfer of .50 to the pasted receive address. No mistakes here or gone forever!
Change back to the ‘normal’ fingerprint/keys and rejoice…

Think of it this way, Chia can have multiple fingerprints/keys assigned (and farmed at the same time) but Wallet only shows one at a time. And only syncs one at a time, the one shown. So when changing fingerprints/keys the wallet first has to catch up while the other wallet(s) is/are halted. Going back and forth you’ll notice this need to catch up first, a lenghty process if you haven’t visited a wallet in a long time…
Don’t worry about the blockchain syncing, there is only one of that and sync will continue independent of fingerprint selected.

{Thanks to enderTOWN who provided this insight in your earlier ‘Plight’ thread}


Great news for me, I found the two blocks I won on Space! They were in another wallet. Once it synched it popped up. :slight_smile: Now, the big question is, how do I transfer them to my wallet and make sure this does not occur again? TY in advance!


And I took some time to work it all out for you, just one post above your good news.
Maybe my English is not up to your standards, sorry but I’m not a native speaker.


I was in bed LOL…Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile: The synching process took roughly 12 hours from scratch.

Don’t worry about the blockchain syncing, there is only one of that and sync will continue independent of fingerprint selected.

I found that out to be true as well. As my other wallet was synching the farm was farming away and I lost no time. Interesting and a great learning moment for me.

So for me, I get OCD on this and I do not want to fumble this around. I’m an old mainframe guy who can’t stand with you SW studs. Now that I have found it and I know where it is. I want to make sure all is settled again and do this venture over the weekend when I won’t be bothered by distractions.

Needless to say, not only I, but I believe great dialogue took place from the community as a whole and with my two-block wins, I got my two weeks back of nothing and learned a lot from you and everyone else.

I hope others feel the same. Thank you again in spades and may the XCH force be with us all :slight_smile:


Well, I wanted to let everyone know that with xkredr59’s insights and jaceks eyes (so I don’t screw up LOL)
I was able to get my .5 of xch from one wallet into my main and get clean everything up for the future. We were very nervous when we hit the button on the transaction section but it worked as advertised,

Thank you once again for the assistance as without it, I would be bouncing between wallets and eventually hosing something up. I hope the community has a great weekend :slight_smile: