Cannot send/receive any XCH from/in wallet, dead client

I’m always struggling a lot to send/receive, waiting for hours, but today i have tried all day to send XCH from my wallet and still i’m not able to.
I have also added different Fee values, still no luck.
Anybody else experiencing this? Any idea on how to fix it?

Are you sure you’re synchronized?

Yes, node+wallet synced
You can try yourself to send some xch.

Transactions are pending or just disappear?

I can’t right now : /
but you can use one of those: Faucets - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources

Check to make sure wallet key is correct and that you have not been hacked and have xch sent elsewhere.

every transaction with a fee below 0.00005 XCH is handled the same way as zero fee

No issues, always used 0 fees.

Are you the dust stormer? -_-