Cannot specify k29

I tried to use Swar’s Chia Plot Manager to create a plot efficiently, but I am having trouble specifying k29. The log file showed

k=32 is the minimum size for farming. If you are testing and you want to use smaller size please add the --override-k flag.

Why do you want a k29 plot? For testing? If so, did you add the --override-k flag to the command line as indicated?

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I have seen literature which says that if you want to use the improved chiapos you should set them to k29.

However, Swar’s Chia Plot Manager does not have an entry to set ‘–override-k’.

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go to Swar’s dir and find Edit the 1st lines to:

def create(size, memory_buffer, temporary_directory, destination_directory, threads, buckets, bitfield,
           chia_location='chia', temporary2_directory=None, farmer_public_key=None, pool_public_key=None, override='--override-k'):
    flags = dict(

Now you are using --override-k for plots.