Can't claim reward for 2 weeks now

Hi guys,

I have tried to claim my 1.75 farmer rewards from my pool NFT for 2 weeks now with no luck. It just won’t transfer to my wallet. I have tried 6 times now and even let it sit for a week, nothing. I’ve tried 1,000 mojos fee, 10,000 mojos fee, and it doesn’t make a difference.

Whenever I try to send it with a fee, I see the fee pending in my wallet. Then after a while of it not transferring I delete the unconfirmed transactions from my wallet and pool and then try again. I believe the issue began when I upgraded to 1.3.1 (I just updated to the latest, 1.3.3, no difference).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

That is strange. I successfully claimed a pool reward recently using 1.3.1 with a fee of 1 mojo.

Initially I tried no fee but that yielded an error that showed up in the logs. I deleted the unconfirmed transactions and tried again with 1 mojo and it went through within 30 minutes to an hour (I wasn’t watching closely).

Check the log files after deleting and trying again, and maybe try with a lower fee if you don’t want to give that much.

Does your pool info all show up correctly in the GUI? Assuming so, but if not it might mean the config and wallet don’t know about your plot NFT.

Thanks for the reply. I agree, it’s very strange.

I checked the logs and can’t seem to find any errors that pop out at me. My pool info seems to show up fine but I did notice something weird just now (not sure if it is normal or not). When I click claim rewards, it pops up with that window where you input the fee. But where it says “you will receive 1.75 XCH to” it is blank afterwards (see photo). I also noticed that when I try to transfer the reward with a fee, my wallet balance available funds drop by 1.75 XCH, but if I clear unconfirmed transactions it returns to normal with full available funds.

Yeah I seem to recall an address being present there.

You might try changing the log level to INFO just in case something important isn’t being logged as a warning. You’ll need to change that in config.yaml and restart all Chia services for it to take effect.

Did your upgrade involve migration to a new machine or starting with a new config?

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Maybe you already have that 1.75 in your wallet, but the UI is just confused. Try to kill wallet db, and resync it. As your blockchain is already synced, it will not take too long (minutes?).

There is another possibility that the wallet may not really sync well, if your blockchain is still v1. If that is the case (you have v1), shut down chia / reboot, convert your blockchain db, and give it an hour or so afterwards to fully sync. I would not do the conversion while chia is running, but others didn’t have problems with it, though.

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Maybe worth actually checking your payout addresses if none of the above helps, make sure you have your correct addresses there.
Are you getting the .25 reward correctly?

that balance dropping is probably a 1.75 XCH worth coin your wallet uses to pay the fees for the claim tx and it will show as PENDING balance in your wallet as long as the TX is pending or in the mempool … when the claim transaction finishes the 1.75 coin MINUS the paid fee (so like 1.7499999) returns to your wallet, or when it gets cancelled, the 1.75 returns to your wallet.

have you tried looking at chia plotnft show. does it show anything at payout instructions?

I could lookup your singleton onchain if you’d like (DM me your launcher id). I wouldn’t be surprised if the your plotNFT just doesn’t have any valid target_puzzle_hash saved in the singleton_tip, and then claims indeed fail.

a singleton tip of someone self pooling would look like this on chain (state:1 = self pooling)

{'owner_pubkey': '0x..............',
'pool_url': **None**,
'relative_lock_height': 0,
'state': 1,
'target_puzzle_hash': '0x.........',
'version': 1}

Thanks for the follow up. Yep, my logs have been at the info level for a while. All I did was upgraded my existing farming machine and did not migrate anything. If there is supposed to be an address there and it’s missing, any idea how to readd it?

I was keeping track of my wallet balance and that 1.75 was never added, so I don’t believe that is the case.

I actually upgraded my DB to V2 a few weeks back, and then I set my wallet DB to V2 in the config file yesterday to see if it made a difference. Sadly, no difference.

Yep, the .25 went through no problem, just having an issue getting the 1.75 to my wallet. How/where would I go about checking the addresses?

I will check this tonight when I get home from work. If it doesn’t show anything for payout instructions, how would I fix this?

Thanks again everyone for your help! Hopefully I can get this resolved. I’ve been lucky for the most part on my Chia journey with minimal issues, but this is something that has stumped me and I just can’t figure out.

In gui, you can go to farm tab, top right are 3 little vertical dots, hit them, it opens a window where you can edit / change 2 addresses.
1 is for the .25, the other is for the 1.75.

Ok, gotcha. I checked there last night and both areas had the same address in them. But I received the .25 no problem, so maybe it is unrelated to this?

Yes, that must not be the problem, I set both to the same address with no issues.

It’s just you saying the plot nft shows no withdrawl add is the issue i think but it is entered properly, so that’s not the exact issue.
I feel if it used to show one but now doesn’t that’s prob the issue, how to fix it is another matter entirely.
Good luck.

with chia plotnft show

Thanks! And if it’s missing or wrong, how do I go about fixing it?

Change the address where I showed you.
Or edit it in .yaml should work but with the same result.

Ok, thank you. I will try that when I get home and see if it does the trick.

Worth a shot, it’s clearly entered correctly if you checked it.
Maybe just try changing it even if it’s to the same address, ( make sure no errors or spaces ) , hopefully that will re update it all and get you moving.