Can't delete the offer with "Pending Cancel" status

Hello everyone!
I’m having this problem in my wallet on MacOS where I can’t delete the pending transactions because of the absence of such button. Normally there would appear “Cancel offer” button after clicking on three dots, but for these two offers there is none.
If I should delete something (database or something) please tell me how to find it/the name of the file because I’m new to this < _ <

did you fix this?
i have the same problem and my coins are locked - this happens quite a bit with cats

I did. I just deleted the db folder and resync the wallet (path: .chia - mainnet - wallet - db).

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yeh thats what i did as well, but is a pain if you had lots of open offers you will lose them from the gui , so you have to move any nfts to a different did to cancel them, and open cat offers i think you can send to yourself to cancel them. also you have to go through all your cats and rename them from the cat id.
it makes the gui alot more responsive tho.

I had the same issues, and the solution was to check off something regarding network fee…otherwise, it hanged there for a long time. I see they still didn’t fix it.

Also, CLI offers chia wallet delete_unconfirmed_transactions